Squash - Summer & Zucchini

Squash - Summer & Zucchini

Summer Squash and Zucchini Seed

Zucchini and summer squash like warm temperatures, plenty of sunlight, and a fertile, well-drained soil. Because they are quick to harvest, 'summer' squash are easy for Northerners to grow. Best germination is in warm soil (70-80F). If starting indoors, use deep peat pots so as to not disturb roots when transplanting. Sow 1/2 to 1 inch deep, thin to 24-36 inches apart. Many folks use raised rows or hills to plant the seed to avoid rotting the seed and crown. Bees and insects are critical for good pollination and fruit set. SPECIAL CAUTION: Untreated zucchini and squash seed is particularly susceptible to failure if planted in soil that is too cool or wet.

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Squash Seeds, da Pergola Lagenaria (Cucuzzi)

(Sicilian Snake, Cucuzza, Guguzza) Actually a 'zucchetta', and botanically an edible gourd, as the f..


Squash Seeds, Early Prolific Straightneck

This squash is very popular in the North and Northeast of the US due to its strong, early production..


Squash Seeds, Golden Summer Crookneck

Very popular vigorous bush squash, and a prolific cropper throughout the season. The curved, club sh..


Squash Seeds, Juane et Vert Scalloped

This is a beautiful and flavorful French heirloom summer squash. Creamy white with radial green str..


Squash Seeds, Patisson Strie Mix

French heirloom squash that were listed by Vilmorin in the 1800's. Excellent summer scallop squash t..


Squash Seeds, White Bush Scallop

This squash produces good yields of white flattened scalloped fruit. It is easy to grow and rarely b..


Zucchetta Seeds, Tromboncino

(Tromba d'Albenga) This is actually a squash used much like zucchini and tasting much the same. An I..


Zucchini Seeds, Alberello di Sarzana

Known as the 'Little Tree of Sarzano' as it has a short bush growth habit. Wonderful light green col..


Zucchini Seeds, Ambassador Professional Hybrid

This is a special Italian hybrid zucchini of the Milanese type. It has superior disease resistance, ..


Zucchini Seeds, Bianco di Trieste

Also known as 'Half Long White' due to its shorter length and pale color. A very nice Zucchini which..


Zucchini Seeds, Black Beauty ( Verde Di Milano)

Select Italian zucchini strain of a garden standard, with extremely dark shiny fruit. Has an erect o..


Zucchini Seeds, Bolognese

Bolognese is a small Zucchini variety from Bologna. It has green skin with small flecks of white on ..


Zucchini Seeds, Caserta

This fabulous zucchini comes from the same group as cocozelle and Greyzini. The cylindrical fruit a..


Zucchini Seeds, Cavilli F1 Hybrid

Similar to the Partenon, but in a creamy near-white long zucchini, Cavilli is also parthenocarpic, a..