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Vegetable Seed

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Turnip Seeds, Milan White

Early Italian turnip, with flat, buttery smooth, white root; resistant to cold, reliable high produc..


Turnip Seeds, Norfolk Green

Large heirloom turnip with a deeply cut leaf and a green collar. Similar in history and use as the '..


Turnip Seeds, Pistoiese

This terrific multi-use turnip hails from the Tuscan region. Whether you grow it for the greens, th..


Turnip Seeds, Purple Top White Globe

Purple Top White Globe is the standard American Turnip. While there are hybrid versions, the open po..


Turnip Seeds, Snowball

First class globe shaped white turnip. Early, juicy, and sweet flavored. Will give a large crop of t..


Turnip Seeds, Tokyo Market

A very popular Japanese turnip with tender, smooth, white flesh and good flavor. Harvest in 40 days ..


Turnip Seeds, Vertus Marteau

Very tender white cylindrical roots, 5"-6" long and 2" wide with a mild and sweet flavor. This old F..


Turnip Seeds, White Egg

This is a classic mid-western Turnip that is moderately large and round. It is best harvested at a d..


Watermelon Seeds, Asahi Miyako

This premium Japanese watermelon is popular in Italy. It has been unavailable for 4 years and is now..


Watermelon Seeds, AU Producer

AU Producer is perhaps the best and most proven OP watermelon for all-around production, optimal siz..


Watermelon Seeds, Charleston Gray

This is a classic heirloom watermelon that is still around simply because it is so good. This varie..


Watermelon Seeds, Cream of Saskatechewan

Cream of Saskatechewan is a small white fleshed watermelon developed for short season areas. A bonus..


Watermelon Seeds, Crimson Sweet

A highly-rated watermelon, round-shaped 10 lb (4.5kg) fruit with a firm rind, light green with dark ..


Watermelon Seeds, Golden Midget

The brilliant Yellow Skin on the rind of the Golden Midget Watermelon is striking. This is a small m..


Watermelon Seeds, Grey Belle

Grey Belle has a pleasant light green exterior on the round fruit. The flesh is an excellent bright ..