Watercress - true

Watercress - true
Nasturtium officinale. This Watercress seed is the true variety planted for commercial production. We grow it on our farm and demand is excellent. The balance of spicy and crisp in the flavor (not the texture as this is a moderately delicate plant) is superb and fresh is so much better than lengthy storage and shipping. Enjoy your Cucumber sandwich or other dish! Watercress prefers being in water that runs at least every few days, but with extreme care it can be grown in garden soil as a non-flooded plant. The easier way to grow it is you have more water is to either place the germinated seeds in a flowing batch of water or to create a small water feature that has water run through it periodically and preferably has some water standing all of the time. This plant is worth the effort for the results and it can self reseed itself if you allow it to. Untreated seed
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