Cucumber Seeds, Serpent - Dark Green (Metki Type)

Cucumber Seeds, Serpent - Dark Green (Metki Type)
This Metki Serpent Melon type of Cucumber is almost the same color as typical green cucumbers, but slightly lighter. Farmers Market customers like it for the color and crisp delicious flavor. All of the Metki share a nearly identical flavor, but the Dark Green variety has a very smooth nice sheen on it. Picked small (1-1/2" diameter) these are one of the crispest varieties. Picked a the seeds mature, the fruit becomes sweeter and sweeter. Your choice! It is good for bread and butter pickles when the seeds are present.
Botanical Name Cucumis flexuosus
Weight (grams) 2
Approx no. of seeds 70
Est. Maturity (days) 60
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