Squash Seeds, Green Striped Cushaw

Squash Seeds, Green Striped Cushaw
Green Striped Cushaw is a large Pumpkin/Squash that typically weighs 16-20 pounds and is Resurrected old strain of this classic with Gold stripes and a green 'base'. Beautiful large neck and reaching only 5 to 10 lbs. Same flesh qualities as the green striped and other cushaw squash without the enormous size, so perfect for home gardener and market grower alike. Treated seed.Formerly known as Improved Cushaw, hard thing smooth rind, green mottled stripes over creamy white, 16-20 x 8-10 in. diameter bowl, 12-16 lbs., pear shaped with crookneck, prolific, old favorite, thick fine grained sweet pale yellow flesh, canning boiling baking pies or stock feed.
Botanical Name Cucurbita mixta
Weight (grams) 2.5
Approx no. of seeds 15
Est. Maturity (days) 110
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