Capers Seeds

Capers Seeds
Capers have a sharp piquant flavor and add pungency, a peculiar aroma and saltiness. Great for pasta sauces, pizza, fish, meats and salads. The flavor of caper may be described as being similar to that of mustard and black pepper. Capers make an important contribution to classic Mediterranean flavors. Semi-mature fruits (caperberries) and young shoots with small leaves may also be pickled for use as a condiment. Needs lots of heat to grow and is suggested that it be done in a greenhouse if in the north, excellent houseplant as well if kept moist. NOTE: Capers have very specific germination requirements and a normally low germination rate. Untreated seed.
Botanical Name Capparis spinosa
Weight (grams) 0.5
Approx no. of seeds 50
Est. Maturity (days) 120
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