Caraway Seeds

Caraway Seeds
Caraway is another herb that is both useful in the kitchen and enjoyable and pretty to grow with its white flowers. The plants look like carrot plants. The caraway seeds are small and brown with a distinct crescent shape. The seeds are used in soups, stews and a number of vegetable dishes in addition to flavoring rye bread. Pick the leaves to add to a salad as is done in many parts of the world. The roots can be eaten like carrots after boiling. For treating eye infections and toothaches, caraway seeds and their oil is also used for medical purposes. The seed is produced after overwintering normally and although slow to germinate, once the plants are up a ways they can compete well and it is encouraged that Beans or Peas or other similar plants are grown with the plants. Caraway prefers full sun and rich soil especially if it has compost applied. Italian seed. Untreated seed.
Botanical Name Carum carvi
Weight (grams) 10
Approx no. of seeds 400
Est. Maturity (days) 80
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