Upland Cress

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Upland Cress is also known as Ancho Cress (Wide Cress). It has a delightful spicy flavor midway between Peppercress (Garden or Curled Cress) and Watercress. We suggest you ignore the confusing names and enjoy their flavors. Upland Cress is planted shallowly and close together and is a small plant with a big flavor. It adds a punch to salads, sandwiches and as a garnish on a nice piece of meat. We grow this Cress on our farm and sell to lots of restaurants. This plant likes cool to warm weather and will NOT survive hot temperatures while growing. It does handle moderate frost when the soil is not dry.
Botanical Name Barbarea Verna
Weight (grams) 5
Approx no. of seeds 4000
Est. Maturity (days) n/a
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