Violets Seeds, Sweet

Violets Seeds, Sweet
Sweet Violets are a low growing plant about 4-6 inches tall that spread 8-24 inches. They are useful for shaded areas and areas that are cooler. In the wild they are usually found at the edges of clearings or in less congested forest areas most commonly. Violet extract is used in perfumes and also in herbal medicine for a variety of respiratory ailments, digestive problems, insomnia, and skin disorders although little rigorous research has been done on the level of effectiveness. As often noted "your mileage may vary." This has been a very good seller for us over time and we have gotten a larger quantity of seed this year as it has consistently sold out in the past.
Botanical Name Viola odorata
Weight (grams) 0.2
Approx no. of seeds 80
Est. Maturity (days) n/a
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