Tomato Seeds, Carioca

Tomato Seeds, Carioca
Carioca is a hot weather tomato that can be canned, eaten fresh, sauced, juiced or diced. It can be picked either by hand (garden or small scale farming or by machine as it has a firm interior and a hard exterior. This tomato comes from the development lines pioneered by the University of California and since used by their Tomato breeders and others across the world. It is an early variety that yields uniform 3.5 ounce (95 grams) fruits with an intense high anthocyanin content. It grows well in low to medium humidity conditions and has Verticilium and Fusarium Wilt resistance. The fruit also has high solids, making it hold up well after picking. See if it does well where you are and let us know. Determinate (bush). Untreated seed.
Botanical Name Lycopersicom lycopersicum
Weight (grams) 1
Approx no. of seeds 300
Est. Maturity (days) 73
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