Tomato Seeds, Ace 55

Tomato Seeds, Ace 55
This is the classic improved Ace 55 selection. It produces well, has some disease resistance and also has that great Ace flavor. Ace 55 is an heirloom introduced in 1965 by the old Asgrow Seed Company of San Juan Bautista, California. This was developed from the original Ace which was introduced in 1953 by Campbell Soup Company of Sacramento,California. It is a modern style tomato but that has real tomato flavor, with large, round, smooth fruits, and beautiful bright red color. It grows its fruit in easy to harvest bunches, and keeps well. Excellent to eat fresh or processed for American style foods. The bush is moderate in size and can be grown without staking in most locations. Determinate.
Botanical Name Lycopersicon esculentum
Weight (grams) 1
Approx no. of seeds 300
Est. Maturity (days) 75
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