Tomato Seeds, Brandywine Pink, Organic

Tomato Seeds, Brandywine Pink, Organic
Brandywine Pink is a lighter colored tomato of the Brandywine type, with a similar but not the same flavor. It is a true "pink" type in that it is not Pink, but a pinkish red hue. It is a good producer of normal size fruit, easily packed in a mixed pack or just used as any Heirloom slicer / canner tomato. It is not a pasty tomato, but has a regular amount of solids. Great for the home gardener and a good selection for the market grower. Indeterminate. Organic seed.
Botanical Name Lycopersicon esculentum
Weight (grams) 2
Approx no. of seeds 600
Est. Maturity (days) 60
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