Tomatillo Seeds, Cape Gooseberry

Tomatillo Seeds, Cape Gooseberry
Cape Gooseberry is loosely a relative of Tomatoes and Tomatillos named for cultivation from near the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. It actually originally was apparently from Peru and tagged with Gooseberry because of the flavor and texture of the "berry" inside the husk - like a Tomatillo or Chinese Lantern. Usually if it is sold in the US or Britain it is now called Goldenberry. The flavor is sweet with a mildly tart component as well and has numerous small seeds inside the fruit. The color is a bright orange to yellow when ripe (eating and picking time) and is 1-2.5cm in diameter with a very smooth tomato like skin (without the flavor). The flowers and berries set quite a few to a branch just like many Cherry Tomatoes. Cooked in Pies, Jams or other confections or raw in a salad or fruit salad this is a tasty item. Restaurants use it as an exotic garnish or visible part of a dessert. The plants can either be grown like a ground cherry prostrate on the soil or trained up on a trellis or twine. Untreated seed.
Botanical Name Physalis peruviana
Weight (grams) 1
Approx no. of seeds 60
Est. Maturity (days) 70
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