Onion Seeds, Exhibition

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This is a delightful, very large, sweet, Spanish-type onion, with a beautiful golden-straw colored tunic. True to its name, this onion is often grown for its potentially huge size, and is considered to be a more consistent performer than Kelsae or Ailsa Craig (for both of which it is the parent strain). Although its 'competition' size attracts many to grow it, the extra sweet, mild flavor keeps folks coming back for more. Best for fresh use, not a good storage onion due to its sweetness. A bit earlier than other Spanish types, and tolerates cool weather well. Long to Intermediate day. The coloring of the seed identifies this as the original strain imported from the Netherlands. Untreated and sized seed.
Botanical Name Allium cepa
Weight (grams) 1
Approx no. of seeds 250
Est. Maturity (days) 90-110
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