Leek Seeds, Blue Solaize

Leek Seeds, Blue Solaize
Blue Solaize is a 19th Century heirloom variety leek with a quite small amount of bulbing at the base. The leaves and outer wrapper leaves of the leek are a very bluish green color. The height of the shank of the Leek is described as either Medium to Long or slightly short of medium to medium-long. It is noted for several characteristics. First, it is considered to be extremely cold-tolerant and can be planted in either short season areas or late for harvest during the winter time. Second, when exposed to cold temperatures the very bluish green color changes to violet. My sources describe different sizes of the Leek and plants as this variety does vary somewhat in size depending on where it is planted, when during the season it is planted and the specific season's conditions. Has a delicate onion-like flavor. This is a new variety to our business despite its impeccable Heirloom credentials and the seed is from our Italian suppliers.
Botanical Name Allium porrum
Weight (grams) 3
Approx no. of seeds 1200
Est. Maturity (days) 120
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