Herb Seeds, Green Purslane

Herb Seeds, Green Purslane
Purslane is a succulent that is has a high content of anti-oxidants. It is eaten for it's health benefits and it grows verdantly in coastal California, various Meditteranean and Aegean areas and in herb gardens. It can be invasive if allowed to go to seed, so it is best to harvest and remoe before seed maturity. The plants are low growing unless they are crowded and then can reach 16" or more in height. Purslane is easy to grow and can be eaten raw (somewhat lemony in flavor) or cooked as part of a wide variety of dishes. It can tolerate both moderate sun and moderate shade, but does not like intense sunny areas. To get good flavor make sure it is not drought stressed or grown in severely nutrient deficient soils. Untreated seed.
Botanical Name Portulaca oleracea
Weight (grams) 1
Approx no. of seeds 2100
Est. Maturity (days) 55
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