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Agretti or Italian Saltbush is the latest rage in the high-end restaurants. In Italy it grows near the sea where there is salty spray and it tolerates brackish irrigation/flowing water to the roots. There is a somewhat salty and somewhat bitter taste to the "fronds" and stems that is traditionally and tastily sauteed in olive oil and mixed with other flavors. The plants usually grow to near 24'' tall if allowed to and are ready to pick from in about 60 days in typical conditions. Agretti seed needs to be stored in warmer conditions than most other seed - about 60-70 degrees for optimum germination, as well as not too dry humidity perhaps even on the humid side. The seeds do not normally keep their germination from year to year, rather each new year you need new seed because of the physiological characteristics of the plants and their seeds. From Bavicchi of Italy, Untreated seed.
Botanical Name Salsola soda
Weight (grams) 50
Approx no. of seeds 2500
Est. Maturity (days) 90
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