Roasting Corn Seeds, Boone County White

Out Of Stock Roasting Corn Seeds, Boone County White
Truly a "triple threat' corn, considered to be one of the finest of the corns perfectly bred for roasting, and a favorite at fairs and festivals. Yet we found it also great eaten fresh, with a wonderful old-fashioned corn flavor, and it can also grown to a dry stage for grinding. Strong production on tall stalks of large 10-11 inch ears with 14-16 rows of deliciously rich, sweet kernels. Boone County is one of the oldest of the heirloom whites believed to have originated in Indiana and descended from 'White Mastadon', with its history dating back to at least the Civil War. In its early use, it was grown extensively in the south for grinding and making corn bread, but is now usually picked young for roasting. This produced some of the largest ears and stalks we've ever seen in our test gardens. Untreated seed.
Botanical Name Botanical Name: Zea mays
Weight (grams) 50
Approx no. of seeds 150
Est. Maturity (days) 115
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