Beet Seeds, Semizuccherina

Beet Seeds, Semizuccherina
Semizuccherina beets are part of the line of beets that modern sugar beets are developed from. They were originally used primarily as "Fodder Beets" to feed livestock in Europe where they originate. These were also eaten by people and can still be done but are not as nice for that purpose as the Yellow Mangel or Red Mammouth but can grow in even less hospitable conditions especially high salts in the soil. They are best harvested for eating at about 2-4" in diameter and best spaced at about 3" apart in the row. They can be stored in the field in cold northern climates most of the winter without harm as long as the temperatures do not go to low without snow cover. If producing for animal feed, thin to 5" apart and grow them BIG, if for sugar thin to 4" apart. Untreated seed
Botanical Name Beta vulgaris
Weight (grams) 10
Approx no. of seeds 500
Est. Maturity (days) 70
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