Cucumber Seeds, Carosello Barese

Cucumber Seeds, Carosello Barese
A very tasty, sweet and very mild heirloom. Texture and flavor are very nice. Similar to Mandurian round cucumbers. Carosello has no spines as a normal cucumber but light peach fuzz, as it is truly a member of the melon family with no bitterness or 'burps'. When harvested young (as pictured), slice and use whole as you would a cucumber. If allowed to grow, it will begin to show ribbing and develop a thin skin, and the flavor will shift to a that of a mildly sweet melon. A wonderful 'cucumber', a best seller, and a huge hit on any table and a great novelty at market. Untreated seed.
Botanical Name Cucumis melo
Weight (grams) 1.8
Approx no. of seeds 63
Est. Maturity (days) 60
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