Tomato Seeds, Rose De Berne

Tomato Seeds, Rose De Berne
(Rose of Berne)This is a terrific heirloom from Switzerland, and our favorite fresh eating/table tomato. On nearly every 'short-list' for best tasting tomato. The vines are vigorous, fairly disease resistant for an open-pollinated tomato, and will produce large quantities of medium to large round fruit, 6-12 oz. The tomatoes are a rose shade of red, with a sweet, deep, rich tomato flavor. The thin skins make for easy slicing and eating, but keep the moisture level of the soil constant to avoid splitting. Indeterminate. Untreated seed.
Botanical Name Lycopersicon esculentum
Weight (grams) 0.5
Approx no. of seeds 150
Est. Maturity (days) 75
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