California Poppy Seed

California Poppy Seed
Compact annual plant, produces flowers similar to those of the poppy. The California Poppy has traditionally come only in orange, but Bavicchi has created here a wonderful blend of shades from yellow to red, making for a magnificent display of color. Flowers uninterruptedly from June until the first frosts. A native of the Pacific coast, these can be a perennial in mild climate areas. Wonderful as a group in the perennial garden, or consider including in a large area for a great wildflower look. Blooms close at night and in deeply overcast weather. Give these good drainage in humid areas. 12-15 inches (30-40cm) tall. Untreated seed.
Botanical Name Eschscholzi californica
Weight (grams) 1.7
Approx no. of seeds 1000
Est. Maturity (days) n/a
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