Herbs A-L

Herbs A-L

Herb Seed A-L

Here's a fine collection of a wide variety of herb seed from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Be sure to check out the rest of our collection in our Herb Seed M-Z, Basil, and Parsley pages.

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Anise Seeds

Very sweet and aromatic herb, primarily used for the flavor packed seeds with their characteristic l..


Borage Seeds

Borage is a great all-around herb, easy to grow, drought resistant. Greens can be eaten fresh, cooke..


Capers Seeds

Capers have a sharp piquant flavor and add pungency, a peculiar aroma and saltiness. Great for pasta..


Caraway Seeds

Caraway is another herb that is both useful in the kitchen and enjoyable and pretty to grow with its..


Celery Seeds, for Cutting (da Taglio)

This is a seasoning celery that does not produce an enlarged stalk. Da Taglio is even more aromatic ..


Chamomille Seeds

Chamomille is a well-known aromatic plant, widely cultivated, has a thin, erect, branched stem, 12-1..


Chervil Seeds

Most commonly used in fish and egg dishes. Annual herbaceous plant of Asian origin, has a stem 1-2 f..


Chives Seeds

Fine variety for fresh use or drying. Essential for the windowsill, kitchen or herb gardens. Be sure..


Coriander / Cilantro Seeds

Coriander has an erect stem, 1-2 feet/30-70cm tall, branched at top, with numerous small white flowe..


Coriander of Morocco / Cilantro Seeds

This is the uncommon Moroccan type of Coriander that is used in North African cuisine and certain ar..


Dill Seeds

Dill is an annual erect-growing plant 18-24 inches/50-60cm high, vegetation. This is a very refined ..


Dill Seeds, Diana

Diana is a very tidy dill, compact and upright, with abundant production of very lacy, dark blue/gre..


Lavender Seeds

True Lavender is popular for its wonderful scent, fresh cut and dried. Shrubby-bushy perennial plant..


Lemon Balm Seeds

True to its name, lemon balm has a great lemon aroma used for tea and salads. Its essence is often ..


Lemon Grass Seeds

With a lemony flavor and fragrance, the long, thin, gray-green leaves are critical to Thai and many ..