Basil Seed

Europeans consider basil a vegetable, rather than an herb. Basil is an annual, best grown in the warmest of weather. Sow seed indoors 4-8 weeks before last frost or direct sow when soil is warm and after danger of frost. Basil can show signs of damage when temperatures dip below 50 degrees F. All basil can be container grown, but the smaller varieties are best suited for pots.

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Basil Seeds, (Purple) 'Round Midnight

Our tests have shown this to be one of the best purple leaf basil varieties available. The leaves ha..


Basil Seeds, Ball Type (spicy)

This small Italian basil produces small green leaves, very strong scented, grouped in spherical clus..


Basil Seeds, Bonazza (Genovese)

Bonazza is an delightful strain of Genovese-type basil. Dark green coloring, compact growth suitabl..


Basil Seeds, Fine Verde

Dwarf 'mouse ears' Greek-type basil, with small glossy green leaves, very aromatic with a slightly s..


Basil Seeds, Genovese Italiano Classico

The Italians really know their basil and in fact treat it as a vegetable instead of an herb. This ba..


Basil Seeds, Lemon

This wonderful basil produces medium-sized, lemon-scented leaves. The lemon flavoring of this wonder..


Basil Seeds, Lettuce Leaf

Wonderful basil with broad, glossy, crinkly curled leaves, aromatic, perfect for seasoning. The larg..


Basil Seeds, Lime ORGANIC

Basil is wonderfully variable, and this variety carries the soft, sweet citrus overtones of lime. F..


Basil Seeds, Persian ORGANIC

Persian Basil is a 2015 All America Award winner bred by our supplier Terra Organics of California. ..


Basil Seeds, Thai ORGANIC

A distinctive, unusual Basil with a light spicy flavor. As its name implies, commonly used in Asian ..