Herbs M-Z

Herbs M-Z

Herb Seed M-Z

There's nothing quite like the use of fresh, authentic herbs to bring your table to life. Take some time to peruse our selection of herb seed representing many culinary traditions from around the world.

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Oregano Seeds

A must-grow herb for any Italian and Mediterranean cooking, a perennial herbaceous plant, Oregano pr..


Oregano Seeds, Greek

Greek Oregano is considered a premium culinary selection by many. Less invasive than the more common..


Papalo Seeds

Papalo is an ancient Mexican herb that was commonly used before cilantro was introduced by Chinese i..


Peppermint Seeds

A favorite herb for aroma and flavor. Known for its intense peppery flavor, a great addition to teas..


Pimpinella Seeds

Also known as 'Garden Burnet' this herb gives a nutty, cucumber flavor to salads, tomatoes, cheese, ..


Ramsons or Bear's Garlic Seeds

In use since ancient times, this woodlands plant has a bold garlic flavor, and is known for many of ..


Rosemary Seeds

Rosemary is wonderful to use on any number of meat dishes, a favorite around here on roast pork loin..


Sage Seeds

Sage is commonly used to flavor meats (think sauSAGE), roasts, and fish. It has a pleasant scent an..


Salad Burnet Seeds

Salad Burnet is particularly used in French cuisine. It has a distinctive but mild and pleasant. Thi..


Spearmint Seeds

A wonderful addition to any herb garden with fragrant leaves and flowers. Used in teas, jellies, and..


Summer Savory Seeds

Peppery addition to dishes. Great for beans, squash and other vegetables, and poultry. Savory has a ..


Sweet Marjoram Seeds

Sweet Marjoram is a wonderful herb fresh or dried for salads, vinegars, and meats, with a flavor rem..


Tarragon Seeds

Tarragon is a much used herb in so many delightful cuisines. In the mild climates it is a perennial ..


Thyme Seeds

Thyme has long been one of the most universally used herbs, hence the phrase "when in doubt, use thy..