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Onions need rich, loose soil to do well. Keep weeded and fed well as they have a shallow root system and don't like competition. Onions grown from seed or plants will usually yield higher-quality with fewer disease problems than if they are grown from sets. Plant seed about 1/4-1/2 inch deep in rows 18 inches apart. Thin to 4-6 inches apart. Plant times vary widely based on your location and onion type, generally early spring or indoors for long-day/northern varieties, fall for short-day/southern types. Soil should be at least 70F. Check with your local agriculture department for instructions specific to your area.

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Onion Seeds, Dorata di Parma

The 'golden' onion of Parma, Italy. A late maturing onion with golden upright top-shaped large bulbs..


Onion Seeds, Exhibition

This is a delightful, very large, sweet, Spanish-type onion, with a beautiful golden-straw colored t..


Onion Seeds, Italian Red Round

Italian Red Round is another moderately day neutral Italian variety with nice red color, medium flav..


Onion Seeds, Piatta D'italia

Large flat-bulb variety of Italian onion, tender flesh, red-violet color. If you're looking for clas..


Onion Seeds, Ramata di Milano

This Italian onion produces super large, top-shaped bulbs of copper-yellow color, keeps very well, l..


Onion Seeds, Rossa Lunga Di Firenze

A Florentine onion with excellent flavor. Distinctive long red Italian onion well-known as the 'Ital..


Onion Seeds, Rossa Savonese

Translucent, semi-flat, red, sweet onion originating from Spain. Mild, excellent flavor. Beautiful o..


Onion Seeds, Senshyu

A standard and famous onion originating in Japan, but this comes to us from Italy with excellent fla..


Onion Seeds, Stuttgarter

This heirloom onion has long been considered one of the most dependable long-storage onions. The cr..


Onion Seeds, Tonda Musona Bianca

Large bulb Italian onion, with silver-white tunics and amazing flavor. This is a great all-purpose v..


Onion Seeds, Tropeana Tonda

Famous European onion with large, violet-red round to top-shaped bulbs. Excellent flavor that has be..


Onion Seeds, Vernina

Perhaps with the deepest violet-red coloring of the 'Rossa di Toscana' types, Vernina produces top-s..


Onion Seeds, Walla Walla

This is a terrific classic onion, with sweet, mild white flesh covered by a light tan/brown tunic. ..


Onion Seeds, White Bermuda

Heirloom onion first commercialized 1898 when planted in the Bermuda colony. The seed originated fro..


Onion Seeds, Yellow Sweet Spanish

This is the Utah strain. . Somewhat tolerant of frost. Untreated seed...