Okra Seed

Okra is a hot-season crop and needs a very warm soil (70-90F) to germinate well. Season length is similar to sweet corn. Direct sow when soil is sufficiently warmed, 1/4 in deep, 3 ft between rows, thin to 1 ft apart. In short season areas, start indoors 4-6 weeks early for transplant when frost is past and soil has warmed. Use peat pots to avoid disturbing roots when transplanting.

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Okra Seeds, Beck's Big Buck

Some call Beck's the snapping okra because of the way it snaps easily off the plant when ready to ha..


Okra Seeds, Burgundy

Bred by Leon Robbins at Clemson University after eight years of careful selection. Beautiful flowers..


Okra Seeds, Clemson Spineless

Clemson has long been the standard consumer okra, and for good reason. It is a consistent producer ..


Okra Seeds, Cow Horn ORGANIC

A rare okra with 10-12" long, slender pods. Plants grow to 6-7'. An old-time heirloom from Texas nam..


Okra Seeds, Dwarf Long Green Pod

This delightful little okra produces 7"- 8" pods long and dark green with slight ridges. Its small s..


Okra Seeds, Jing Orange

Jing Orange is a very pretty Asian Okra variety. After creamy yellow flowers, the lovely pods are a ..


Okra Seeds, Perkins Long Pod

Perkins Long Pod is an old variety that is still popular in certain parts of the South. It has unsur..