Cucumber Seed

Cucumbers are best direct sown when the soil is very warm (70-95 F). For those in short season areas, you can start indoors a few weeks before transplanting, but use deep peat pots as cucumbers do not do well when their roots are disturbed. Be sure to keep the soil moist, but not wet. Once they have germinated, cooler night temperatures (60 F) are beneficial. SPECIAL CAUTION: Untreated cucumber seed is particularly susceptible to failure or 'damping off' if planted in soil that is too cool or wet.

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Cucumber Seeds, Beth Alpha

An original Middle-East type of cucumber. Often a parent for the wonderful high-end slicing hybrid c..


Cucumber Seeds, Calypso F1 Hybrid

A hybrid with exceptional production, whether grown for slicing cucumbers or for dill pickles. Resis..


Cucumber Seeds, Camilla F1 Hybrid

This is a wonderful all-female parthenocarpic cucumber. A vigorous grower, it produces an abundant ..


Cucumber Seeds, Carosello Barese

A very tasty, sweet and very mild heirloom. Texture and flavor are very nice. Similar to Mandurian r..


Cucumber Seeds, County Fair F1 Hybrid

This incredible dual-use cucumber has it all: strong production, good disease resistance, with excel..


Cucumber Seeds, Diamant F1 Hybrid

This is a great open-field pickling cucumber. Early and parthenocarpic, good disease resistance, an..


Cucumber Seeds, Hokus

White Wonder is an heirloom American Cucumber from New England. The skin is a white color, with a mo..


Cucumber Seeds, Hokus

A smaller gherkin type cucumber with mixed flowers that is excellent for outdoor cultivation as long..


Cucumber Seeds, Iznik F1 Hybrid

This is a terrific and very rare find that originates from Turkey. Compact, nearly bush-form plants..


Cucumber Seeds, Lemon ORGANIC

An heirloom that was introduced in 1894 by Samuel Wilson of Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania. Similar in..


Cucumber Seeds, Long China (degli Ortolani)

Cucumber producing a typical fruit up to 14-18inches/40-50cm long. Wonderful flavor, sweet. Also kno..


Cucumber Seeds, Mandurian Round

Originating in Asia, this interesting little cucumber (botanically a melon) is a recently discovered..


Cucumber Seeds, Marketer

Open-pollinated medium-early cucumber, with a medium-long cylindrical fruit, vivid green color. A ve..


Cucumber Seeds, Marketmore

This wonderful 'slicer' cucumber has long been a standard for the market grower and a favorite of th..


Cucumber Seeds, Mercury F1 Hybrid

Mercury is a wonderful Beit Alpha type hybrid. Exceptionally early and productive, and good multi-v..