Tomato - Light Colors

Tomato - Light Colors

Tomato Seed - Light Colors

Light colored tomatoes tend to have a finer flavor, and less acid. Tomatoes prefer a long hot season. Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost in very warm soil (80-90F) kept just moist. Once germinated, allow soil to dry slightly but don't allow the plant to wilt. After true leaves begin to develop, continue growth in moderate temperatures (60-70), to slow growth. Transplant outside after frost and soil and night time temperatures begin to warm. Space determinate (bush) varieties 18-24 inches apart, and indeterminate (vining) ones 24-36 inches apart, in rows 3-4 feet apart. Best fruit production is when soil moisture is even, and phosphorus rich fertilizer is used. Amend with calcium to avoid blossom end rot.

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Tomato Seeds, A Grappoli Da Inverno

This semi-bush variety of cherry tomato that yields 30-35gram fruit (about 1-1.25ounces) is moderate..


Tomato Seeds, Ace 55

This is the classic improved Ace 55 selection. It produces well, has some disease resistance and als..


Tomato Seeds, Amana Orange Organic

Huge orange beefsteak that can grow to 2 lbs. or more, with an average diameter of 5 inches. Flavor ..


Tomato Seeds, Azoychka

A favorite solid golden yellow beefsteak tomato from Russia. This heirloom is a strong producer of 8..


Tomato Seeds, Big Rainbow

Big Rainbow is a multi-colored fruit that is... large! Try this tasty variety and enjoy the splotchy..


Tomato Seeds, Black Zebra Cherry

Black Zebra Cherry Tomato is a semi-determinate variety (between bush and rambling). The regular che..


Tomato Seeds, Brandywine Pink, Organic

Brandywine Pink is a lighter colored tomato of the Brandywine type, with a similar but not the same ..


Tomato Seeds, Carioca

Carioca is a hot weather tomato that can be canned, eaten fresh, sauced, juiced or diced. It can be ..


Tomato Seeds, Golden Sunrise

Golden Sunrise is a productive modern Yellow Tomato. It is an early variety that grows well either i..


Tomato Seeds, Great White Organic

This heirloom is the finest and the largest of the white tomatoes. Produces wonderful beefsteak frui..


Tomato Seeds, Green Grape

Soft, fleshy fruit has a delicious, yet unusual sweet flavor. Unique, yet easy to cultivate, and bou..


Tomato Seeds, Green Zebra ORGANIC

A green tomato even fully ripened, and considered one of the finest of its type. Full flavored maste..


Tomato Seeds, Kellogg's Breakfast

Many folks consider this heirloom tomato to be one of the top 10 for flavor. Indeterminate vines pr..


Tomato Seeds, Mr Stripey

This old heirloom tomato originally came from the hills of West Virginia and is absolutely wonderful..


Tomato Seeds, Old German

Old German is a long-time favorite. Huge boat-shaped striped Mennonite heirloom tomatoes rich in fla..