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Tomato Seeds, Master F1 Hybrid

(Maestria) Germany and Northern Europe's most sought after large round/beefsteak hybrid tomato. Perf..


Tomato Seeds, Matina ORGANIC

This very early variety bears loads of 2 to 4 oz. red fruit with the terrific flavor normally found ..


Tomato Seeds, Money Maker

As its name implies, this heirloom tomato is a favorite of market growers, but home growers love it,..


Tomato Seeds, Monte Carlo F1 Professional Hybrid

Early and consistent production of flavorful, nearly round fruit. Adaptable to a wide variety of co..


Tomato Seeds, Mortgage Lifter

This is a great heirloom with terrific flavor, tremendous production of huge deep pink fruit (1-4 lb..


Tomato Seeds, Mr Stripey

This old heirloom tomato originally came from the hills of West Virginia and is absolutely wonderful..


Tomato Seeds, Old German

Old German is a long-time favorite. Huge boat-shaped striped Mennonite heirloom tomatoes rich in fla..


Tomato Seeds, Omega F1 Hybrid

Omega comes to us from the folks who know San Marzano tomatoes the best: the Italians. This hybrid ..


Tomato Seeds, Oxheart (Cuor de Bue)

The Oxheart is a famous European heirloom tomato, with heart-shaped fruit growing to 1 lb or more. F..


Tomato Seeds, Pantano Romanesco

Large, globular, beefsteak tomato, vivid red color, with a meaty pulp, and firm skin; excellent toma..


Tomato Seeds, Pineapple Organic

Large yellow, orange and red Heirloom that can grow to a pound or more, large enough to fit nicely i..


Tomato Seeds, Piramide

With a distinctively long tapered shape coming to a pointed end, Piramide has a look resembling a '..


Tomato Seeds, Precocissimo Marmande

An extra early Marmande type quite popular in the markets of Europe. 6 to 8 ounce fruits are not as ..


Tomato Seeds, Principe Borghese

This is the standard Italian heirloom used for sun-dried tomatoes, often packed dried in jars of oli..


Tomato Seeds, Red Currant

Considered a 'close to wild' tomato for its big, bold, indeterminate plants that produce masses of t..