Squash - Summer & Zucchini

Squash - Summer & Zucchini

Summer Squash and Zucchini Seed

Zucchini and summer squash like warm temperatures, plenty of sunlight, and a fertile, well-drained soil. Because they are quick to harvest, 'summer' squash are easy for Northerners to grow. Best germination is in warm soil (70-80F). If starting indoors, use deep peat pots so as to not disturb roots when transplanting. Sow 1/2 to 1 inch deep, thin to 24-36 inches apart. Many folks use raised rows or hills to plant the seed to avoid rotting the seed and crown. Bees and insects are critical for good pollination and fruit set. SPECIAL CAUTION: Untreated zucchini and squash seed is particularly susceptible to failure if planted in soil that is too cool or wet.

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Zucchini Seeds, Cocozelle

Similar to Striato Di Napoli but without the pronounced ridges. The flavor is very good and has been..


Zucchini Seeds, Diamant F1 Hybrid

Diamant is known for its excellent vigor and very heavy production, The fruit are dark green, sligh..


Zucchini Seeds, Eight Ball F1 Hybrid

Unusual, eye-catching variety that yields heavy crops of deep green, crisp, round fruits. They are b..


Zucchini Seeds, Flaminio F1 Hybrid

This is a premium bush hybrid of the Romanesco Costata type zucchini. The fruit is attractive with ..


Zucchini Seeds, for edible Blossoms

This is a specially bred strain of zucchini, with a compact 'bush' growth and heavy male blossom pro..


Zucchini Seeds, Genovese

Genovese Zucchini is from the Genoa area. The light green skin is very even in tone usually and tend..


Zucchini Seeds, Golden

Prolific producer of brilliant gold, cylindrical zucchinis best eaten when 4-10" long. Large, 3-4 ft..


Zucchini Seeds, Green Tiger F1 Hybrid

With beautiful dark and light green stripes, Green Tiger is a great addition to any market or table...


Zucchini Seeds, Grey Zucchini

Grey Zucchini is a 1957 introduction that has a slightly grey green skin with flecks of nearly white..


Zucchini Seeds, Greyzini F1 Hybrid

This terrific hybrid zucchini has creamy-green fruits with a luscious, sweet, rich flavor. Upright s..


Zucchini Seeds, Lungo Bianco Bush 2

Lungo Bianco Bush 2 is a nearly white thin summer squash unlike any American variety! The preferred ..


Zucchini Seeds, Lungo Fiorentino (Long Florentine)

This is a wonderful 'classic' zucchini, with long ribbed fruit. The coloring is a lighter bright gr..


Zucchini Seeds, One Ball F1 Hybrid

Here's a new wonderful summer squash. Also known in Europe and elsewhere as 'Floridor', One Ball is ..


Zucchini Seeds, Romanesco

Also known as 'costata romanesco' This classic Italian zucchini produces long, cylindrical, lightly ..


Zucchini Seeds, Round Of Nice

Also known in France as 'Ronde de Nice'. Round heirloom zucchini with fine flavor. Makes a wonderful..