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Vegetables S-Z

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Squash Seeds, Tonda Padana

Very beautiful Italian cooking squash. Wonderful dry flesh that is very sweet for squash, more pumpk..


Squash Seeds, Triamble, Organic

110 days Unusual three lobed squash that has just become known again. This Australian variety has th..


Squash Seeds, White Bush Scallop

This squash produces good yields of white flattened scalloped fruit. It is easy to grow and rarely b..


Squash Seeds, Zapalo Plomo

Very rare ancient variety that is claimed to be the inspiration for topaz colored jewelry of ancient..


Swiss Chard Seeds, Argentata 2

A wonderful Swiss Chard with extra large, very white ribs with long broad leaves that are only sligh..


Swiss Chard Seeds, Argentata 2 ORGANIC

This is a premium version of Argentata grown under certified Organic conditions. This is back for 20..


Swiss Chard Seeds, Barese

Bred specifically for the baby leaf market, this variety grows quickly and produces smooth dark glos..


Swiss Chard Seeds, Deluxe Rainbow Mix ORGANIC

Colorful stems of purple to pink and orange, leaves from green to bronze. Very attractive both in th..


Swiss Chard Seeds, Lukullus (Savoyed Leaf)

This is an extremely unusual Chard popular in Europe. The leaves have a slightly golden green hue an..


Swiss Chard Seeds, Lyon 2 (Yellow Leaf)

This is an extremely unusual Chard with excellent flavor and unusual coloration of a yellowish hue o..


Swiss Chard Seeds, Orange Fantasia

Orange Fantasia Chard has Orange ribs and medium size leaves. This variety can be used for both full..


Swiss Chard Seeds, Perpetual Spinach

A cut and cut again Swiss Chard becoming very popular here in the U.S., just as it has been in Europ..


Swiss Chard Seeds, Riccia da Taglio (Savoyed Leaf)

This is another wonderful chard grown for its leaf production, much as the 'Perpetual Spinach'. The..


Swiss Chard Seeds, Sibilla Cost. Isport

Erect close growing Swiss Chard with extra-large ovate leaves that are very long and a glossy, vivid..


Swiss Chard Seeds, Vulcan

A very ornamental, dual-use Swiss Chard featuring decorative bright red stalks, ideal in both the fl..