Radish - Winter

Radish - Winter

Winter Radish Seed

Winter radishes prefer the cool temperatures and short days of late summer and fall, and are known for good storage. Plant in cool to warm soil (50-80F), 1/2 inch deep in rows 8-12 inches apart. Thin to 2 inches once germinated. Radishes are best grown quickly with plenty of water, and harvested promptly when ready as they do not 'keep' well in soil. Fertile soil, cool temperatures, and consistent moisture will yield the best crops. Plant in succession for an extended harvest.

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Radish Seeds, Black Spanish Round

Black skinned round version of this popular radish with crisp hot white flesh. A good keeper and a p..


Radish Seeds, China Rose

Dating back to 1850, this Chinese winter radish was introduced to Europe by Jesuit missionaries. The..


Radish Seeds, China White

Also known as the 'China Celestial Radish' with 5" to 6" long radishes that are sweet and crisp. Goo..


Radish Seeds, Deluxe Winter Mix

This is our own premium blend of winter long radishes. We know of no other seed company offering suc..


Radish Seeds, Green Luobo

A popular green radish in North China. Green flesh with green skin is crisp, juicy, with a nice swee..


Radish Seeds, Long Black Spanish

More rare than the round type yet highly sought after, this is another true heirloom radish of Europ..


Radish Seeds, Lungo Sardo

Lungo Sardo are longer red radishes with a white tip, not like French Breakfast, but more like the C..


Radish Seeds, Mezzo Lungo Rosso-Torino

Mezzo Lungo Rosso-Torino is a "half long Red Radish" Tondo Sardo are larger sized red radishes. They..


Radish Seeds, Munchner Bier

The authentic 'German Beer' radish. A favorite snack radish in Germany. Crisp white flesh, oval shap..


Radish Seeds, Neckarruhn White

Beautiful large white roots are firm and tasty. Another fine large German radish, suitable for growi..


Radish Seeds, Non Plus Ultra

Non Plus Ultra red radishes is well regarded and has a slightly darker red color to the skin. Even a..


Radish Seeds, Pink Beauty

Pink Beauty is our standard Pink Radish here on our farm. It is a good flavor variety, more or less ..


Radish Seeds, Saxa 3

Saxa 3 version of the Saxa family of red radishes is well regarded. The globe shape, color and flavo..


Radish Seeds, Sparkler 3

Sparkler 3 version of the Sparkler or National family of white tip red radishes is well regarded. Th..


Radish Seeds, Tondo Bianco (White Round Winter)

White skinned round version of this popular radish with crisp hot white flesh. This is more or less ..