Pepper - Sweet

Pepper - Sweet

Sweet Pepper Seed

Sweet peppers are often used fresh, but when grilled, roasted, or fried, their wonderful flavor and sweetness really shines. Peppers need a long hot season to do well, and a very warm soil to germinate (75-90F). Start indoors well before transplanting, at least 8 weeks. Transplant outdoors after all danger of frost, the soil has warmed to at least 60F, and night temperatures are consistently warm--for many folks as late as June.

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Pepper Seeds, Atris F1 Hybrid

From Europe comes this striking long, slender, sweet pepper up to 22cm in length. Horn-shaped fruit ..


Pepper Seeds, Botinecka Zuta (Topepo Yellow)

This is a yellow 'cheese' pepper for paprika and stuffing. Exquisite yellow peppers that are nicely ..


Pepper Seeds, Corno di Toro Giallo

This is the yellow version of the sweet bull's horn frying pepper, not as commonly seen as the red. ..


Pepper Seeds, Corno di Toro Rosso

Tall plants produce large yields of authentic 'Bull's Horn' tapered and pointed style Italian pepper..


Pepper Seeds, Friariello

Friariello is the classic small frying pepper (hence its name) used throughout Italy and especially ..


Pepper Seeds, Gemini F1 Hybrid

Sweet, beautiful, and delicious, Gemini is wonderful alone or paired with Reina. The fruit are typi..


Pepper Seeds, Marconi Red

Marconi is a marvelous Italian heirloom pepper, with abundant production of enormous fruit: 3-lobed,..


Pepper Seeds, Mexibell F1 Hybrid

This is a wonderful hybrid pepper with a bit of an 'identity crisis'! A blend of sweet bell and hot..


Pepper Seeds, Reina F1 Hybrid

Reina is a beautiful Lamuyo-type sweet pepper, with an elongated 'bell' shape. Ripens from green to..


Pepper Seeds, Romanian Sweet

These wonderful peppers start out ivory-colored, turn orange, then mature to red. All three color st..


Pepper Seeds, Sigaretta Dolce

This Italian pepper is a classic sweet 'cigar' type, long with a pointed tip. The flesh is bright gr..


Pepper Seeds, Soroksari NEW CROP RECEIVED

This beautiful Balkan heirloom pepper is almost translucent pale yellow in color. Very sweet for fre..


Pepper Seeds, Stavros

This is a fine heirloom Greek Pepperoncini. Enjoy the wonderful spicy/sweet flavor that makes these ..


Pepper Seeds, Topepo Rosso

Italian gourmet spicy-sweet rounded peppers. Pimiento style with red thick flesh. This is a very pop..


Pepper, Padron

Padron peppers are the special pepper these days. The spicy yet complex but not too spicy flavor is ..