Pepper - Bell

Pepper - Bell

Bell Pepper Seed

Bell peppers are most often used fresh for salads, sandwiches and garnish, but similar to other sweet peppers lend themselves well to grilling and roasting. Peppers need a long hot season to do well, and a very warm soil to germinate (75-90F). Start indoors well before transplanting, at least 8 weeks. Transplant outdoors after all danger of frost, the soil has warmed to at least 60F, and night temperatures are consistently warm--for many folks as late as June. Keep watered only well enough to keep the plant healthy and productive, too much water will degrade the flavor and quality of the fruit.

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Mirasol Pepper Seeds

Mirasol Peppers are a delicious New Mexico Pepper with about 10,000SHU (Scoville Heat Units). They c..


Pepper Seeds, California Wonder

California Wonder is the classic and preferred Bell Pepper for many people. Very hardy pepper plant ..


Pepper Seeds, Corno di Capra

An Italian pepper that is hot by their standards. Somewhat similar in aspect to the Corno di Toro pe..


Pepper Seeds, Diamond White

Unusual White Bell Peppers - see how close to true white they grow for you! This is a pretty Bell pe..


Pepper Seeds, Dolce de Espana

A Spanish pepper that is somewhat similar in aspect to the Corno di Toro peppers. The Red color at m..


Pepper Seeds, Dolce de Italia

An Italian long sweet pepper that is somewhat similar in aspect to a very long Jalapeno pepper. The ..


Pepper Seeds, Italian Pepperoncini

This is a fine heirloom Italian Pepperoncini. This is the Italian tasting version. Try it to compare..


Pepper Seeds, Jalapeno Purple

The Purple Jalapeno pepper starts out purple instead of green skinned. When it reaches "Red Maturity..


Pepper Seeds, Keystone Resistant Giant #3

Large, blocky, pendant fruit (4" x 4-3/4")and highly mosaic virus resistant. Heavy foliage reduces s..


Pepper Seeds, Lombardo - Sigaretta Biondo

Like Sigaretta Dolce, this pepper is a classic sweet 'cigar' type, long with a pointed tip. Unlike S..


Pepper Seeds, Mini Bells Mix

A fantastic variety to grow where space is limited, perfect for pots and containers. Very compact pl..


Pepper Seeds, Pimento

Pimento sweet peppers are relatively easy to grow and can tolerate relatively cool temperatures for ..


Pepper Seeds, Purple Beauty

Special purple colored fruits that are sweet and add a delightful, colorful twist to the table. The ..


Pepper Seeds, Quadrato Giallo D' Asti

The most famous Italian sweet yellow bell pepper. Highly prized, it ripens to a golden yellow. One o..


Pepper Seeds, Quadrato Rosso D' Asti

Famous blocky, large, sweet red Italian heirloom bell. This pepper has won recognition time and time..