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Pepper Seeds, Shishito

Shishito sweet peppers are a long-time favorite variety in Japanese markets. A fine pepper from Japa..


Pepper Seeds, Sigaretta Dolce

This Italian pepper is a classic sweet 'cigar' type, long with a pointed tip. The flesh is bright gr..


Pepper Seeds, Sonora Anaheim Chili

A very mild long green chili type that is perfect for mild chili rellanos. These peppers can grow up..


Pepper Seeds, Soroksari NEW CROP RECEIVED

This beautiful Balkan heirloom pepper is almost translucent pale yellow in color. Very sweet for fre..


Pepper Seeds, Stavros

This is a fine heirloom Greek Pepperoncini. Enjoy the wonderful spicy/sweet flavor that makes these ..


Pepper Seeds, Sweet Chocolate

A rare find, this sweet pepper produces medium-sized fruit reminiscent of a tomato in shape, thick-w..


Pepper Seeds, Tabasco

An original pepper used for the famous hot sauce. A true heirloom and cajun culinary delight. Althou..


Pepper Seeds, Tepin

Considered the favorite of the small heirloom chiles in Mexico, this little pea-shaped pepper may be..


Pepper Seeds, Thai Bangkok Upright

Wonderful, hot, and flavorful small peppers typical of standard southeast Asian cuisine. This varie..


Pepper Seeds, Topepo Rosso

Italian gourmet spicy-sweet rounded peppers. Pimiento style with red thick flesh. This is a very pop..


Pepper Seeds, Yellow Mini Bell

A unique open pollinated mini-bell pepper on compact plants only grow about 16 inches tall and fit n..


Pepper Seeds, Yellow Wax Hot Chili

This Yellow Wax pepper is a Chili Pepper and while not the hottest is definitely a medium hot chili ..


Pepper Seeds, Yolo Wonder

An 'improved' version of the California Wonder. Very hardy pepper plant which is adaptable to vario..


Pepper, Padron

Padron peppers are the special pepper these days. The spicy yet complex but not too spicy flavor is ..


Pepper, Sweet Banana

Sweet Banana peppers are also known as Hungarian Yellow Wax Sweet Pepper and about a dozen other sli..