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Mirasol Pepper Seeds

Mirasol Peppers are a delicious New Mexico Pepper with about 10,000SHU (Scoville Heat Units). They c..


Pepper Seeds, Orange Habanero

A wonderful orange/yellow version of the famous habanero, but not quite as hot as the standard red. ..


Pepper Seeds, Ancho Ranchero F1 Hybrid

This is a first rate hybrid pepper for Ancho or Poblano use. Very productive, exceptionally early, ..


Pepper Seeds, Atris F1 Hybrid

From Europe comes this striking long, slender, sweet pepper up to 22cm in length. Horn-shaped fruit ..


Pepper Seeds, Black Hungarian

This is a dual use pepper, as the purple flowers and stems make for a nice ornamental plant, but the..


Pepper Seeds, Botinecka Zuta (Topepo Yellow)

This is a yellow 'cheese' pepper for paprika and stuffing. Exquisite yellow peppers that are nicely ..


Pepper Seeds, California Wonder

California Wonder is the classic and preferred Bell Pepper for many people. Very hardy pepper plant ..


Pepper Seeds, Cayenne

Classic pepper produces thin, pointed, cylindrical fruit, green which becomes glossy red when ripe, ..


Pepper Seeds, Chile De Arbol

Originating from Chihuahua, Mexico this is the famous 'Birds Beak' or 'Tree' chile pepper. The plant..


Pepper Seeds, Ciliegia Picante

Don't let the name fool you. This little pepper's name translate roughly to 'little cherry', but th..


Pepper Seeds, Corno di Capra

An Italian pepper that is hot by their standards. Somewhat similar in aspect to the Corno di Toro pe..


Pepper Seeds, Corno di Toro Giallo

This is the yellow version of the sweet bull's horn frying pepper, not as commonly seen as the red. ..


Pepper Seeds, Corno di Toro Rosso

Tall plants produce large yields of authentic 'Bull's Horn' tapered and pointed style Italian pepper..


Pepper Seeds, Diamond White

Unusual White Bell Peppers - see how close to true white they grow for you! This is a pretty Bell pe..


Pepper Seeds, Dolce de Espana

A Spanish pepper that is somewhat similar in aspect to the Corno di Toro peppers. The Red color at m..