Pea Seed

Peas are typical of most legumes in that they are a cool weather crop. Plant in early spring as soon as soil can be worked and soil temperature is still cool (50-70F). Plant about 1 inch deep, and 1 inch or so apart in rows 18 inches apart for bush types and 2 feet or more for climbing peas. Peas can be grown as a second fall crop planted in late summer if the soil has cooled sufficiently. SPECIAL CAUTION: Untreated pea seed is particularly susceptible to failure if planted in soil that is too cool or wet.

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Pea Seeds, Television

Television is a fine heirloom Pea introduced in 1955 by Vilmorin Seed Co. It is noted particularly f..


Bush Pea Seeds, Karina

Karina is a fine semi-bush type (18-24" tall), but will produce heavily over a longer period than mo..


Bush Pea Seeds, Marvel Of Italy (Feltham First)

An Italian strain of this wonderful bush-type pea that is one of the earliest to crop with smooth ro..


Bush Pea Seeds, Paladio

Paladio is a semi-bush type, growing 18-24 inches tall. A vigorous grower, adaptable to a range of ..


Bush Pea Seeds, Progress 9

Very early pea, resistant to Fusarium, 'bush-type' (18-24inches/50-60 cm high), produces a very larg..


Bush Pea Seeds, Sugar Star Snap

Excellent open-pollinated pea and the latest in a long line of wonderful peas from the original Suga..


Bush Pea Seeds, Sweet Provence

A medium height 'bush-type' pea, an old French 'petite pois' heirloom know for its marvelous flavor...


Climbing Pea Seeds, Rondo

This variety of pea is of exceptional productivity, average height (about 2 ft/70cm) which can also ..


Climbing Pea Seeds, Telephone

Telephone is a terrific heirloom pea. A mid-late season, heavy producer on strong climbing 'vines', ..


Pea Seeds, Lincoln

Lincoln is a "half-tall" bush garden pea meaning that it can either be staked or not depending on co..


Pea Seeds, Onward

Onward is an old English Heirloom variety of garden pea. Main crop variety that has 6-8 peas per 3.5..


Pea Seeds, Senatore

Senatore is a fine heirloom Pea . The plants are 36-40inches tall according to our Italian supplier...


Pea Seeds, Sprite

Sprite is a fine heirloom Pea introduced in 1962 by Asgrow Seed Co. It is resistant to Fusarium Wilt..


Pea Seeds, Wonder of America

Wonder of America is a dwarf bush garden pea. The plants are typically about 14-16inches high, the ..


Pea Seeds, Zaffiro (Freezer type)

Zaffiro is a dwarf bush garden pea. The plants are typically about 18-22inches high, the pods 2-3 in..