Onion - Spring

Onion - Spring

Spring Onion Seed

Onions need rich, loose soil to do well. Keep weeded and fed well as they have a shallow root system and don't like competition. Onions grown from seed or plants will usually yield higher-quality with fewer disease problems than if they are grown from sets. Plant seed about 1/4-1/2 inch deep in rows 18 inches apart. Thin bunching types to no more than 1 inch apart to discourage bulbing. Plant times vary widely based on your location and onion type, generally early spring or indoors for long-day/northern varieties, fall for short-day/southern types. Soil should be at least 70F. Check with your local agriculture department for instructions specific to your area.

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Bunching Onion Seeds, Green

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Bunching Onion Seeds, Rossi / Red

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Onion Seeds, Shimonita

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Spring Onion Seeds, Evergreen ORGANIC

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