Onion - Cipollini

Onion - Cipollini

Cipollini Onion Seed

Onions need rich, loose soil to do well. Keep weeded and fed well as they have a shallow root system and don't like competition. Onions grown from seed or plants will usually yield higher-quality with fewer disease problems than if they are grown from sets. Plant seed about 1/4-1/2 inch deep in rows 18 inches apart. Thin to 2-3 inches apart. Plant times vary widely based on your location and onion type, generally early spring or indoors for long-day/northern varieties, fall for short-day/southern types. Soil should be at least 70F. Check with your local agriculture department for instructions specific to your area.

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Cipollini Onion Seeds, Bianco Di Maggio

Excellent Italian cipollini with solid white flesh and sweet, mild flavor. Classic white cipollini, ..


Cipollini Onion Seeds, Borrettana

This is the ultimate cipollini onion, with the classic button shape and beautiful translucent yellow..


Cipollini Onion Seeds, Piatta di Bergamo

With beautiful red-pink shading, Bergamo is a terrific little red pickler, and suitable for short fr..


Cipollini Onion Seeds, Pompei

Pompeii is a wonderful Italian flat cipollini, extra-early, and a real harbinger of Spring. Excellen..