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Pepper Seeds, Ciliegia Picante

Don't let the name fool you. This little pepper's name translate roughly to 'little cherry', but th..


Pepper Seeds, Corno di Capra

An Italian pepper that is hot by their standards. Somewhat similar in aspect to the Corno di Toro pe..


Pepper Seeds, Corno di Toro Giallo

This is the yellow version of the sweet bull's horn frying pepper, not as commonly seen as the red. ..


Pepper Seeds, Corno di Toro Rosso

Tall plants produce large yields of authentic 'Bull's Horn' tapered and pointed style Italian pepper..


Pepper Seeds, Diamond White

Unusual White Bell Peppers - see how close to true white they grow for you! This is a pretty Bell pe..


Pepper Seeds, Dolce de Espana

A Spanish pepper that is somewhat similar in aspect to the Corno di Toro peppers. The Red color at m..


Pepper Seeds, Dolce de Italia

An Italian long sweet pepper that is somewhat similar in aspect to a very long Jalapeno pepper. The ..


Pepper Seeds, Early Jalapeno

Selected for its large fruit, and hot 'true' jalapeno flavor, this early variety brings authentic Ja..


Pepper Seeds, Friariello

Friariello is the classic small frying pepper (hence its name) used throughout Italy and especially ..


Pepper Seeds, Fushimi

Very prolific pepper from Japan known as a choice sweet chili for cooking. Wonderful thin walled fru..


Pepper Seeds, Gemini F1 Hybrid

Sweet, beautiful, and delicious, Gemini is wonderful alone or paired with Reina. The fruit are typi..


Pepper Seeds, Guajillo

This wonderful chile produces loads of beautiful, shiny red/brown fruit. Nicely flavored, medium he..


Pepper Seeds, Hungarian Hot Wax

An early and prolific yellow pepper, it is spicy without being too hot. Its fruit is conical, 1 to 2..


Pepper Seeds, Italian Pepperoncini

This is a fine heirloom Italian Pepperoncini. This is the Italian tasting version. Try it to compare..


Pepper Seeds, Jalapeno Purple

The Purple Jalapeno pepper starts out purple instead of green skinned. When it reaches "Red Maturity..