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Vegetables M-R

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Melon Seeds, Pele de Sapo

Originating from the Iberian peninsula and related to the Yellow Canary (VML05), Pele de Sapo is a m..


Melon Seeds, Retato Degli Ortolani

Very sweet cantaloupe, with the classic netting of the skin. Deep orange sweet flesh. Known as a mar..


Melon Seeds, Sharlyn

The Sharlyn melon is a very flavorful and aromatic cantaloupe type. At our farmers markets, the Shar..


Melon Seeds, Supermarket F1 Hybird

Superior Melon with excellent flavor developed for guess what - Supermarket sales! This is also good..


Melon Seeds, Tasty Bites F1 Hybrid

This is perhaps the ultimate gourmet mini-melon, with pale orange-fleshed fruit weighing about 1 pou..


Melon Seeds, Valenciano Verde Precoce (Rochet)

Rochet (Early Spanish Winter Melon Green) This is a classic Spanish/Italian 'keeper', producing frui..


Melon Seeds, Verde da Inverno

(Tendral Green) This is a classic Italian 'keeper', producing fruit with greenish-white flesh and a ..


Melon Seeds, Yellow Canary (Canaria 3)

Canary yellow smoothed skin melon that originates from France, but has a fanatical following in Spai..


Melon Seeds, Zatta

Believed by many to be the same melon referred to by Jefferson in 1774 as the 'Cantaloupe Massa'. Th..


Mirasol Pepper Seeds

Mirasol Peppers are a delicious New Mexico Pepper with about 10,000SHU (Scoville Heat Units). They c..


Mushroom Spawn, Button

This is a great strain of the ever popular Button or Field Mushroom, selected for its heavy producti..


Mushroom Spawn, Golden

The Golden Mushroom (Fr. Champignon d'or) is highly prized by French chefs, and rightly so. Incredib..


Mushroom Spawn, Oyster

This is a select European strain of the famous oyster mushroom. Produces firm, upright grey/white tr..


Mushroom Spawn, Oyster Eryngii

Very popular in Europe and Asia and just now being discovered here in North America, the oyster erin..


Mushroom Spawn, Poplar

A wonderful Italian delicacy, the Poplar Mushroom (It. Pioppino-under the Poplar tree) has a beautif..