Lettuce - Leaf

Lettuce - Leaf

Leaf Lettuce Seed

Leaf type lettuces generally produce a very loose head, and can often be used as 'cut and come again' varieties. Plant in succession every 2-3 weeks to extend your season. Leaf lettuces are also great for short season areas and tolerate heat better than head types. Lettuce is best direct sown as soon as soil can be worked in cool weather and cool soil temperatures (45-65F). Plant 1/8 inch deep in loose soil, and keep moist. Leaf lettuce can be closely sown in rows 12 inches apart, or in 2-4 inch bands. Thin and harvest as baby greens or allow to grow out to larger 'salad' sized leaves. Lettuce grows best in cool weather (75F or cooler) and can be of poor quality or go dormant in warm weather.

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