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Lettuce Seeds, Salad Bowl

Proven lettuce with broad, very lobed and curled light green leaves. Slow to bolt, it sends up new s..


Lettuce Seeds, Smile

A green Oakleaf pickling lettuce, producing an abundance of leaves over a long period. Superior to m..


Lettuce Seeds, Soltero

Soltero has perhaps the deepest red coloring of any we've seen of the lollo rosso type lettuces. Ve..


Lettuce Seeds, Speckles Butterhead

Like the leaf variety Freckles with its bronze red "freckles" on a medium green leaf, Speckles is a ..


Lettuce Seeds, Supermoda

Supermoda is considered to be one of the largest butterhead lettuces, known as a primary market type..


Lettuce Seeds, Trocadero Black Seeded

Trocadero is a delightful butterhead, also known as 'Big Boston'. It is a rose tinged, melt in your ..


Lettuce Seeds, Verde Ricciolina

Quick-growing variety of Italian leaf lettuce, very tender, with small curled leaves, ruffled at the..


Lettuce Seeds, Webbs Wonderful

(Cavolo di Napoli) A terrific crisphead lettuce, with a voluminous pale green head, cabbage-like sha..


Red Oak Leaf Lettuce Seeds, Oscarde

Oscarde is a premium Red Oak Leaf Lettuce with a downy mildew resistance characteristic. We do not h..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Ballon

Highly prized variety of romaine lettuce, hardy, adaptable to a wide range of climate conditions, fo..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Bionda Della Luna

Classic upright light green Italian romaine. This is a very productive variety for spring planting. ..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Centurion Mix

Our special mix of Romaines of different colors and textures. For baby greens, salad mix or just mix..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Idra

Idra is a wonderful select strain of the Parris Island type Romaine lettuces. It has a particularly..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Lentissima Montare 3

Classic upright Italian romaine. Very nice texture with a crisp taste. Simply top quality. Wonderful..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Little Gem

One of the earliest varieties to mature. Little Gem produces small compact plants which are packed w..