Gourmet Greens

Gourmet Greens

Gourmet Greens Seed

Here's a great selection of various 'greens' suitable for a wide variety of uses, fresh or cooked. This is one of the fastest growing segments for both home and market growers, as Americans continue to discover the rich array of greens that are available from around the world. Be sure to check out the mixes we offer in the Gourmet Greens Mixes page of the website.

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Lemon Grass Seeds

With a lemony flavor and fragrance, the long, thin, gray-green leaves are critical to Thai and many ..


Lovage Seeds

Also known as "Mountain Celery", lovage is used in salads, potato dishes, and poultry much the same ..


Papalo Seeds

Papalo is an ancient Mexican herb that was commonly used before cilantro was introduced by Chinese i..


Pimpinella Seeds

Also known as 'Garden Burnet' this herb gives a nutty, cucumber flavor to salads, tomatoes, cheese, ..


Rampion Seeds

(raperonzolo, rapunzel) Very old German heirloom looks much like a radish and is used much the same ..


Rue Seeds

Rue is a common ingredient for many Mediterranean dishes, and known for a number of homeopathic uses..


Sorrel Seeds

Premium early greens with an intense lemony flavor. A standard for use in French cuisine. Untreated..


Sorrel Seeds, Blood-Veined

This sorrel has beautiful red colored veins contrasted against the bright green leaves. The strikin..


Stridolo Or Sclopit Seeds

Here's a unique green rarely seen here in the US, sometimes known as silene or bladder campion. Used..


Turnip Greens Seeds, Senza Testa

This is a turnip grown primarily for the excellence of its 'greens' or leaf production. The high qua..


Winter Purslane Seeds (Miner's Lettuce)

Wonderful wild green used extensively in Germany and other European countries for its young tender l..