Gourd Seed

Here in the US, we usually associate gourds with the dried fruit and the many shapes and colors they can represent. A few varieties have fruit that are edible in their early stages of growth. Cultivate gourds much as you would pumpkin or winter squash. Trellis the plants for the best control over fruit shape.

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Gourd Seeds, Bottle or Birdhouse

Very popular for home and market crafting, this large gourd has great multi-purpose fruit usable for..


Gourd Seeds, Large Ornamentals Mix

A fine selection of larger ornamental gourd types in a wide array of shapes and colors, for home or ..


Gourd Seeds, Mix Galaxy of Stars F1 Hybrids

This is a great blend of colors on fruit with a unique 5-pointed star shape. A terrific and unusual..


Gourd Seeds, Small Ornamentals Mix

These are the original "Calabacitas de ardorno" as grown and used throughout Spain for various craft..


Gourd Seeds, Speckled Swan

Speckled Swan Gourds are a dramatic Green striped Gourd that is useful for crafts and decoration. It..


Gourd Seeds, Weird Warted Pro Mix

With a fantastic array of shapes, patterns, and colors, this wildly warted gourd mix is great fun fo..


Squash Seeds, da Pergola Lagenaria (Cucuzzi)

(Sicilian Snake, Cucuzza, Guguzza) Actually a 'zucchetta', and botanically an edible gourd, as the f..