Endive Frisee and Escarole

Endive Frisee and Escarole

Endive, Frisee, and Escarole Seed

As part of the chicory family, endives and escaroles are grown much the same. Cool temperatures are best, and they are often a 'two-season' crop for spring and fall. Plant after frost, when the soil is beginning to warm (about 55-75 F), 1/8 inch deep and loosely covered. Endives are the 'frisee' or curly types with thin, deeply segmented leaves, often used fresh in salads. Escaroles have broad thick leaves, most often braised. Many will 'self-blanch' as they have dense growth, or you can cover or tie up three days before harvest to blanch to enhance their flavor.

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Chicory Seeds, Di Bruxelles Belgian Endive

When forced, the leaves of this chicory make an excellent winter salad, white, tender, crisp. In Eur..


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A mix of 6 varieties of endive (frisee) & escarole, particularly suitable for cutting. Why be satisf..


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Endive Seeds, Glory

This is a greatly improved premium strain of the fine "Tres fine maraichere" line of frisee endives...


Endive Seeds, Pancalieri a Costa Bianca (White Pancalieri)

This endive is one of the finest of the white fall Frisee types, although suitable for both summer a..


Endive Seeds, Romanesca da Taglio

Wonderful Italian endive for cutting, hardy, very productive, sends new shoots quickly, making it al..


Endive Seeds, Wallone

One of the finest 'frisee' curly-type endives. Super fine thin leaves, extra curly. Excellent blanch..


Escarole Seeds, Ascolana (cost Isport)

This terrific escarole has exceptionally well-developed heads with elongated open crown leaves that ..


Escarole Seeds, Blond Full Heart

(Bionda A Cuore Pieno) This is by far the most popular escarole in Italy and Europe. Wonderful delic..


Escarole Seeds, Bubikopf 2

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Escarole Seeds, Cornetto Di Bordeaux

One of the most acclaimed and famous of the French endives. Large upright (almost heading type) esc..


Escarole Seeds, Gigante Degli Ortolani

This is an exceptionally large headed escarole, well worth the bit of extra time it takes to grow. ..


Escarole Seeds, Green Full Heart

Perfect fresh or braised, this hardy and productive escarole forms large rosettes, with full leaves,..