Eggplant Seed

Eggplant is truly a hot weather plant, needing a long warm season. For most areas, plant seed indoors 8 weeks before transplanting. Plant 1/4 inch deep in very warm soil (80-90 F), keep moist but not wet, and expect to up pot before transplanting outside. Once germinated, cool the temperature to about 70 F. Transplant after weather has settled into consistently warm temperatures, for many areas this would be sometime in May or June.

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Eggplant Seeds, Baluroi F1 Hybrid

This early hybrid eggplant produces long, deep purple fruits with a green caliyx. The plants are tal..


Eggplant Seeds, Bianca Sfumata Di Rosa

A wonderful Italian variety, well suited for stuffing with its classic 'egg' shape, but great for ma..


Eggplant Seeds, Black Beauty

Popular standard heirloom eggplant. Glossy purplish-black fruits with up to 5 per plant. Large fruit..


Eggplant Seeds, Fingers Mixed Colors

Small Eggplant in the "Fingers" series in a mix of the three colors of White, Green and Purple. Untr..


Eggplant Seeds, Green Fingers

Small Eggplant in the "Fingers" series of Green color. Untreated seed...


Eggplant Seeds, Kamo

Authentic Kyoto Eggplant from Japan. Rich flavor and deep color are perfect for the restaurant marke..


Eggplant Seeds, Long Purple 2

From Naples, Italy comes this classic eggplant with deep glossy purple elongated fruits. The long sh..


Eggplant Seeds, Ophelia F1 Hybrid Mini

Here's a terrific early eggplant for the home grower wanting to grow eggplant, but have been intimid..


Eggplant Seeds, Orlando F1 Hybrid Mini

Like the EP07 Ophelia, this small early eggplant is suitable for small spaces and container cultivat..


Eggplant Seeds, Prosperosa

Large light mauve to purple round eggplant well-known in Europe's fine restaurants & markets. From ..


Eggplant Seeds, Purple Fingers

Small Eggplant in the "Fingers" series of Purple color. Untreated seed...


Eggplant Seeds, Samba F1 Hybrid

Hybrid uniform variety from Italy. The external appearance of the fruit is similar to a slightly elo..


Eggplant Seeds, Tsakoniki

This long cylindrical Eggplant produces fruits that ar 8.5 to 9.5 inches long and over 2 inches in d..


Eggplant Seeds, Turkish Orange

This is a unique selection of eggplant originating from Turkey. Compact plants produce an abundance..