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Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Centurion Mix

Our special mix of Romaines of different colors and textures. For baby greens, salad mix or just mix..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Idra

Idra is a wonderful select strain of the Parris Island type Romaine lettuces. It has a particularly..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Lentissima Montare 3

Classic upright Italian romaine. Very nice texture with a crisp taste. Simply top quality. Wonderful..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Little Gem

One of the earliest varieties to mature. Little Gem produces small compact plants which are packed w..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Mortarella Verde d'Inverno

A wonderful early romaine lettuce from Italy. Very popular variety for fall sowing, resistant to col..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Parris Island

This lettuce is very tolerant of heat, is bolt resistant, and is widely adaptable and is perhaps the..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Red Amish Deer Tongue ORGANIC

Amish heirloom lettuce, with red blushed, tongue shaped leaves. Superior to the green variety, with ..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Tantan ORGANIC

A terrific mini romaine at 6-8 inches tall, with a nice and consistent upright head formation. Aphi..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Trout Back ORGANIC

One of the finest heirloom lettuces originating from Austria. Also called 'Freckles' & 'Forellenschl..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Verde d'Inverno

This great heirloom is a very hardy Italian romaine lettuce, with a tight head, resistant to cold, v..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, White Parris

Wonderful large elongated head variety. The light green leaves and pure white ribs are for home and ..


Romaine Lettuce Seeds, White Parris ORGANIC

This terrific romaine lettuce is now available in certified organic form direct from Europe. Known a..


Romaine Red Lettuce Seeds, Cimmaron

Cimmaron is also known as Rouge D'Hiver, a red Romaine that has been around since the 18th century a..


Rue Seeds

Rue is a common ingredient for many Mediterranean dishes, and known for a number of homeopathic uses..


Salad Seeds Mix, Insalata Odorosa

A mix typical of northern Italy, sometimes called a Franco-Italian type. Forget the domestic mixes u..