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Vegetables E-L

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Agretti Seeds

Agretti or Italian Saltbush is the latest rage in the high-end restaurants. In Italy it grows near t..


Arugula Seeds, Rocket Salat

A refined Italian strain of arugula for quick growth. Great for the gourmet cook, the market grower,..


Arugula Seeds, Wild

Authentic, wild arugula for adding that extra peppery flavor to salads. Much more pungent flavor and..


Arugula Seeds, Wild Olive Leaf

Rarely seen here in the US, this form of wild arugula is terrific as an accent for lettuce and other..


Arugula Seeds, Wild ORGANIC

The leaves on this special organic selection of wild arugula have a special flavor more intense than..


Braising Stir-fry Seeds Mix

This is a great mix of different brassicas well-suited for use as mixed greens for braising or stir-..


Cabbage Flowering Kale Seeds

Produces foliage of various forms and colors; curly laciniate, bumpy, green, pale pink, deep red, st..


Cabbage Seeds, Portugese Tronchuda

An ancient strain of Portuguese or Tronchuda Kale grown for the fleshy petioles and broad midribs of..


Chervil Seeds

Most commonly used in fish and egg dishes. Annual herbaceous plant of Asian origin, has a stem 1-2 f..


Chicory - Radicchio Seeds Mix

A mix of 7 various varieties of chicory/radicchio, particularly suitable for cutting, baby, and micr..


Chicory Seeds, Di Bruxelles Belgian Endive

When forced, the leaves of this chicory make an excellent winter salad, white, tender, crisp. In Eur..


Cilantro Seeds, American Slo-Bolting

This Cilantro/Coriander is more heat-resistant and slower to bolt than standard varieties, holding a..


Creole/Red Garlic Mix

This delightful mix of Garlic varieties is not available for 2014 as our grower could not produce en..


Dandelion Seeds

(Tarassaco) This is a select 'cultivated' strain of the common dandelion bred for its abundant leaf ..


Eggplant Seeds, Baluroi F1 Hybrid

This early hybrid eggplant produces long, deep purple fruits with a green caliyx. The plants are tal..